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Materials - What we use and why

Stainless steel jointsZwetsloot sails is used to supply to yards and yachts wich maintain the highest possible quality standards in the superyacht industry Therefore we've learned to work with the best and finest materials available, to guarantee you the best awning money can buy.

The fabrics we use are selected by their capability to filter UV radiation and their off-shore abilities. We also look at the volume it takes when your awning is folded down, since we don't want to abuse your precious stowage.

The fabric we use most is Tenara, a W.L. Gore product, famous for their breathable
cloth Gore-Tex. Tenara is he most UV Zips finished at requestresisting and filtering product on the market and
is uninflammable. It even puts out a fire when it's put on one. Even more so this product doesn't shrink, is easy to clean, and is strong enough to withstand wind up to 80 knots, depending on the shape and construction of your awning.

The stainless steel stanchions we supply to support your awning are made out of thick 3/16 stainless steel, with a superhigh polish finish, and strong enough to stand the forces put on your awning in all weather conditions. Shackles, stainless steel
wires and tentionsers all can be supplied with a certificate and a test report to show
this to you insurance company.